Free Game Spy Master

What's the Game?

We created a memory game inspired by the 1901 novel by noble laureate, Rudyard Kipling. The Spy Master Game trains you to be a spy by challenging how well you remember the little details.

The game is beautifully simple: There are 19 cards in each round. The game master arranges the cards on a covered tray. The game master then uncovers the cards and players have a fixed time to study the cards. When time is up, players then have the challenge of recalling the cards they remember.

You get points for cards you remember correctly and lose points for naming cards that weren’t actually there (you’ll be surprised by the tricks your mind will play!). There is also a chance for the best spies to win bonus points at the end of each round.

The Spy Master Game is loved by kids and adults and works for all occasions.

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