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Hello. We’re Mindful Host 


We turn recycled materials into party products so you can celebrate your occasions sustainably. If you love weddings, baby showers, dinner parties, but want to live eco-friendly, you’ll love Mindful Host.

Why We Exist

We’re a celebrations company that believes in rethinking consumption.
This guides everything we do – what we make, how we make it, and who we work it.

100 bn

party items are used once and thrown away


can’t be recycled and end up in landfill and our oceans

500 years

is how long many of them take to degrade

We want to leave this planet in a better state than we found it.

Come join us.

Mindful Host

What we do

zero waste party productsWaste to Wow

Turn recycled materials into party products.

eco friendly party productsEarth-Friendly 

Eco-friendly from product to packaging.

Letterbox Friendly GamesConvenient 

Fast shipping that fits through your letterbox.

ocean friendlyRecyclable

Reduce landfill and keep our oceans clean.
Mindful Host
Mindful Host Founder

Our Story


I’m Ike, an introvert with a moderately healthy obsession with parties. One summer, as I was helping to clear up after a friend’s baby shower, I realised that our leftover decorations, games and props could not be recycled and would end up in landfill. This woke me up to the simple truth that party products are inherently single-use.

And so the idea for Mindful Host was born – a company that transforms recycled materials into desirable party products, which themselves are fully recyclable. So we can celebrate all of life’s special moments in a circular, sustainable way.

Mindful Host
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