The rise of Mindful.

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Our Purpose

Our generation is always switched on. Glued to our phones, surrounded by screens, addicted to swiping, can’t stop scrolling. Our minds are struggling to keep up. But what if we paused? What if we made a conscious effort to enjoy each moment and every milestone?

Mindful Host was born out of a desire to see more people reconnect. Whether that’s sitting together as a family over a puzzle or sending an handwritten card to a soon-to-be grandpa.

We believe that when we connect – in simple, honest, real ways – we thrive.

Our Founders


We’re a husband and wife team that grew up in contrasting environments. Ike in bustling cities and Kieran in calm countrysides. Our busy careers helped us appreciate the simple joys of being able to switch off and enjoy our free time.

We hope our games and cards evoke happy memories for you and your loved ones and most importantly, encourage you to make time to switch and reconnect.

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